Big-size cold storage, in contrast to the small-size, has an area of approx. 245m2 with the possibility of storing 512 euro pallets at a temperature of -18 degrees. Like the small-size cold storage it is accessed through the ramp and transfer chamber. Thermo panels with a thickness of approx. 20cm enable high-quality thermal insulation of the facility from the aspect of cooling with minimum losses. The cold-storage area accompany services such as compressor station of approx. 27m2, the charging area for the battery is about 2m2 and the office of the Warehouse 4m2. Scaffolds are mobile and represent an opportunity for efficient space usage of maximum amount of pallets.
MAX pallets – MIN area = EFFICIENCY



-245m2 area
-FIFO (First IN-first OUT) method
-512 euro pallets
-temeperature at -18 degrees
-forklift CROWN usable under -20 degrees
-cold-storage cross section height 11 m
-ADVANTAGE of fast loading and distribution of small size frozen goods
-ADVANTAGE of equipping with information system for control of goods