Cold storage warehouse for rent

This cold storage warehouse and business facility asset is located in the area of town Ilijaš, in the industrial zone bordering the municipality Urban area, which is defined by a combination of production warehouses and business facilities. The access to the industrial zone from south is established by the main road while the access from the north is obtained through the
Highway road with the time distance approx. 2-3 min of driving from the main exit to Ilijaš.

Industrial zone is equipped with the complete infrastructure services which makes it a prospective location for the municipality itself as an economic and business zone. In the nearest surrounding of the warehouse-business facility are located the municipality building of town Ilijaš, shopping mall, supermarkets and bus station.

It is also possible to sell the refrigerator by arrangement!




The warehouse is located on a rectangular parcel which is surrounded by two surpassing roads. In front of the building the parking places are facing the border fence while the entrance to the business facilities are oriented on the east. From the south the parcel is facing towards the main entrance for delivery of good and manipulative area for vehicles with trailers. The entrance is oriented to a direct access to the cold storage area with a ramp.


The asset represents one functional unit whereas the business facility area contains GROUND FLOOR, 1st FLOOR and a MANSARD, establishing a continuous functional sequence with the neighboring building from north. The cold Storage area is the annex of the main business area whereas the access and loading of goods is provided via a ramp and combers. On the west side of the plot is the garage with 2 parking spaces for a truck size vehicle.


The construction is mainly formed by reinforced concrete beams and pillars in the business facility (raster size 6mx6m) and steel construction formed by primary and secondary carriers in the cold storage area. The foundation base is made on concrete steps interconnected and with concrete structures. Outer walls in the business area are made of wall blocks bound with concrete beams pillars and thermally insulated. As for the warehouse shell its made out of specially designed thermo panels in order to meet the standards for cold storages. The warehouse cold storage is a one unit without any wall divisions. Roof construction is made out of a statically stable wooden structure specially designed for a mansard covered with light tin cover, while the roof on the warehouse is covered by primary and secondary carriers looking together with the business facility as one complete unit.


The area of the asset has dimensions of 36m x 28m, while the area around the asset is approximately 1100m2, only the area under the storage is 535m2, while the garage has 58m2.

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